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Moving Day - November 2014

CROP Walk 2014

Graduation Service 2014

Friendship Ministry Service - May 2014
Friendship Sunday - May 18, 2014

House Of Faith - May 16, 2014

Mother Daughter Tea 2014

The Modulars Come Down

Dudes & Donuts 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

Artist Tracy Kehr
Artwork by Tracy Kehr

Palm Sunday 2014
Palm Sunday 2014

House of Faith 2014, March 29 Work Day
House of Faith 2014, April 4 Work Day
House of Faith 2014, April 12 Work Day

Pinewood Derby 2014

Youth Christmas Service 2013

Connect Night, November, 2013

Church Picnic 2013

House Of Faith Dedication - June 9, 2013

Graduation Service - May 19, 2013

World Renew - Idler Alabama - Spring 2013

House of Faith - March 15, 2013
House of Faith Progress Update - April 20, 2013

Palm Sunday Children’s Processional 2013

Roots - 11:15 Service on March 17, 2013

House Of Faith Workday - March 9, 2013

Lenten Banner

House Of Faith Workday - February 15, 2013

Connect Night - Following Jesus Every Day! - January 2013
Cards For and From Our Missionaries

Pizza and Pinewood Derby - January 2013

Youth Christmas Program - December 2012

Connect Night - November 2012

Peter & Janet Payne Vistion - November 2012

Care Packages 2012

VBS 2012 Slideshow (65.08MB)

Jim Padilla-DeBorst Visit - July 2012

Graduation Service 2012 Slideshow (47.15MB)

May 6, 2012 – Joel & Jeannie Visit – Joel’s Presentation

Faith & Food Garden 2012
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Worship Led By Roots Students – Photos

Wisdom Banner

Pinewood Derby 2012

The Cross In The Christmas Tree

Roots Hope Service Project

High School Youth Group delivers matresses for Friends In Deed
High School Youth Group Helps Friends In Deed

College Care Packages

Big House Big Heart - Pre race day run

Invisible Children - Watch the trailer about Tony Bracelet

Baby Quilt - August 2011

Youth Modular Update - August 2011

Serve 2011 - Photos from Friendship CRC


Anika Wins Christian Reformed World Missions Poster Contest

All Church Potluck - July 2011


Pastor John and Pastor Ryan talk about Co-Pastoring

Sue Holdaway-Heys
These paintings in the front of the sanctuary were painted on June 12th, 2011 by Sue Holdaway-Heys during the morning worship services.

They are visual interpretations of Jesus’ parables about the Mustard Seed which is planted in a field and the Yeast which is mixed with flour from Matthew 13:31-35.

Sue painted these as part of a worship service on imagination. They are hanging now as reminders of God’s invitation to imagine what the Kingdom of Heaven could be and how we can partner together with God to bring that Kingdom.

Time lapse of the painting done in the 11:15 service June 12

Steve Okeyo

House Of Faith – Habitat For Humanity – AACRC and others
Dedication on June 24, 2011
House Of Faith - Habitat For Humanity Website

Tarps and Miracles – Lisa Lindquist Dorr, George Lindquist

Faith and Food Garden Moves Forward
More Photos
New! Latest Photos
AACRC Garden Blog
Faith & Food Garden – Slide Show
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Triumphal Procession – Palm Sunday, 2011

Welcome Event for Rev. Ryan Boes and Family

Installation Service for Rev. Ryan Boes

We Install God’s Shepherd

West Indies Self Help Mission Trip, January 2011
West Indies Self Help
Missions Ministries

GEMS 2010-2011

Cadet Sunday - January 23, 2011

Celebrating the History of Coffee Break

Rolf Bouma - Michigan Radio - Three Things To Help The State

GEMS – Zoo Snoozin’

GEMS and Cadets – Samaritan’s Purse Service Project

GEMS – Corn Maze

Game Night, 2010

Friendship Ministries Christmas Party, 2009

By Faith – Banners

Ghana School Project Update and YouTube Video

Belize Trip Photos and Website

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