Diaconal Ministries

Service Deacons
Bill VanderMolen, Chair
Tim Johnson – Liaison to Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley
Mike Cuffle – Liaison to Hope Clinic, Staples Family Center
Peter Boldenow – Liaison to Friends In Deed
Cathy Green – Liaison to CAP and Social Justice Committee
Neal Kessler – Liaison to Emmanuel House and Family Life Services

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Community Ministries

Each year our congregation designates a portion of our budget for helping those in need. We refer to this portion of the budget as “benevolence” assistance. Some of these funds are used at the discretion of the Service Deacons to help members or friends of the congregation; other funds are donated to a variety of agencies in our community.

The following are brief descriptions of the community agencies that we currently support. The Service Deacon liaison listed for each agency is responsible for 1) communicating directly with contacts at the agency, and 2) tracking and sharing information concerning the agency with other Service Deacons and the congregation, as appropriate.

Community Assistance Program (CAP)
CAP is an agency located in inner city Detroit that provides financial assistance, food, and clothing to individuals and families who are in need. AACRC members Mark Doorlag, and Matt Admiraal are currently serving on the board of directors.
-CAP Closet – Donate your good used clothing
-Thanksgiving Day Meals
-Spring Produce Run
-Food Collection

Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House is facility that provides free housing for elderly residents of Washtenaw County who do not have other options. All services are provided for free by volunteer staff. The home has been established to uphold the value and dignity of long life as bestowed by God. AACRC member Barb Okonkwo is currently serving on the operating committee.
Emmanuel House

Friends In Deed (FID)
Friends In Deed (FID) is an inter-faith volunteer organization that provides for needs of Washtenaw County residents that are not being met by other human service agencies. FID provides information, referral and screening services to congregations and agencies as well as resources to people in need.
-Furniture pickup and delivery
Friends In Deed
Furniture Donations

Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley

Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley brings families and communities in need together with volunteers and resources to build decent, affordable housing. Homeowners contribute “sweat equity” and house payments are recycled to build additional houses. Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization and welcomes volunteers from all faiths who have committed to Habitat for Humanity’s goal of eliminating poverty housing.
The photo shows a Habitat for Humanity house on Bens Street in Ann Arbor that is being remodeled for a new family . Our church, along with other area churches and individuals, have contributed money to fund the remodeling and many of our members have and will be donating time this year to complete construction.

Habitat for Humanity 2016 House of Faith

Habitat for Humanity – House of Faith 2015

House of Faith 2014, March 29 Work Day
House of Faith 2014, April 4 Work Day
House of Faith 2014, April 12 Work Day
House Of Faith 2014 - May 16 Work Day

Habitat for Humanity – House of Faith 2013
Volunteer Form
House Of Faith Dedication - June 9, 2013
House Of Faith Workday - February 15, 2013
House Of Faith Workday - March 9, 2013
House of Faith Workday - March 15, 2013

House of Faith Dedication on June 24, 2011
2011 House Of Faith Photos
2011 House Of Faith - Habitat For Humanity Website
Bens Street House
Bens Street House Dedication – April 19, 2009
Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley
Construction Blog

Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian medical and social service organization. Its goal is to provide compassionate and practical help to those in need, ministering to the whole person. This includes providing comprehensive health and dental care and a range of other services aimed either at meeting basic needs or equipping people with the tools needed to improve the quality of their lives and/or to become self sufficient.
Hope Clinic

Pregnancy Counseling Center (Family Life Services)
Bottle Boomerang - Some of the many bottles collected
Pregnancy Counseling Center (Family Life Services) is an interdenominational Christian ministry that offers support to women during and after their pregnancies, post abortion counseling, mentoring for new moms, and sexual integrity instruction.
-Baby Bottle Boomerang – A fund raiser where participants are asked to save their loose change in the bottles for two weeks.
Pregnancy Counseling Center

Staples Family Center

The Staples Family Center is a 35-bed emergency homeless shelter which is operated by The Salvation Army of Washtenaw County. The shelter operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers a safe, drugfree and alcohol-free environment. The residents and House Staff work together to keep the house running smoothly by helping each other with meal preparations and daily chores.

The Staples Family Center serves a wide cross-section of homeless people including single adults, married couples, and families with children. The residents also represent a wide range of occupations, education levels and past work environments. Each resident has a unique, personal story to tell which may include difficult periods and long histories of substance abuse, domestic violence, medical problems and/or other challenges in their lives.

The goal at Staples Family Center is to provide their guests with opportunities for physical, spiritual, emotional and social growth, and to create an environment of encouragement and healing.

We are happy to finally support the ministry of the Ken and Marianna Staples Family Center.

Salvation Army - Washtenaw County
Staples Family Center

Church Ministries – Benevolence

Church Ministries are the services provided to AACRC members and attendees. Some of the services provided are:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Coordinating volunteers for moving, temporary housing, transportation, yard work, cleaning and household chores, small appliance repair, and ….
  • Addressing physical and financial needs of members and attendees
  • Scheduling special offerings
  • Collecting food, books, and other supplies for local organizations like: CRI, Food Gatherers, FID, …
  • Help with benevolence activities initiated by members: Rotating Shelter, Ghana Well Project, Social Justice Committee, …

Housing for Families of Patients of University of Michigan Hospitals
Several members of Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church are willing to temporarily house families whose loved ones are patients at the University of Michigan Hospitals.
For more information, contact:
Service Deacon Chairperson: Bill VanderMolen
AACRC Office

Offering Schedule
Special Offerings

Service Deacon Chairperson: Bill VanderMolen