Fridsro Children's Home

Jake & Julie Perera
Sri Lanka

Fridsro Children’s Home (FCH), founded in 1972 by Jacob and Anna Greta Perera, has become a place of safe refuge for orphans and underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. FCH started in a very basic way by reaching out to street kids and orphans and has now grown to be a home for 100 children. There is also a Community Based Rehabilitation Center that works with the disabled in the area. The past few years have not been easy for our friends at Fridsro. The Tsunami in 2004, the work of the Fridsro Disaster Response Team; the incredible building projects they were involved with for Tsunami victims; the ever present civil war; the demands of overseeing the many programs at Fridsro and the death of Anna Greta in 2007 are demands that took a toll mentally, emotionally and physically and time for a change was needed. Currently, Jake and Julie Perera are located in the US to develop a fundraising arm for the Fridsro Ministry in Sri Lanka, while Jacob (father of Jake) will remain in Sri Lanka to assist in managing Fridsro Children’s Home and the many humanitarian and social projects it is involved in.

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