International Students, Inc.

Doug & Kathi Sawyer
Ann Arbor, MI

Doug works with ISI in the Ann Arbor area helping mobilize the churches for outreach to international students and scholars on the UM and EMU campuses. A primary focus for Doug now is to recruit 4 new volunteer teams to pray for and reach out to Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Turkish students and scholars.

Ginny Champoux
Ann Arbor, MI

Since 1950, International Students, Inc. (ISI) has evangelized people coming to the U.S. from around the world. Paul and Ginny joined ISI staff 1967. They have worked with churches in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, the Detroit area, Muskegon and Holland since 1972, to provide Christians opportunities for friendships and witness with internationals. In addition to writing Bible studies, and producing evangelistic-apologetic videos, Paul organizes and trains volunteers to teach Bible to citizens of many nations in Ann Arbor.
Paul and Ginny teach the Bible to individuals and groups. In September, 2011, their Friday Bible study groups at AACRC will move to their home, Larry Champoux’s, and volunteers’ homes. They will continue using AACRC facilities for monthly outreach dinners for internationals.
Paul plans and leads large English conversation classes in October that give AACRC and other church members a venue to meet and serve internationals. Many of these students discipled by the Champouxs and others return to their own countries and actively witness to their countrymen about Christ. Paul and Ginny are deeply grateful for AACRC’s major support of their ministry to the nations.

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